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Beneath Idle Gods stories by Aliki Roussin with illustrations by the author.

Using the perspective of a messenger from the gods of Olympus, Roussin considers the condition of women of recent contemporary times - some in Greece, some in London, some in transit, some towards the end of life, others towards the beginning. These tales of quest are of a wondering, philosophical kind. All shed light on a path to discovery of how best to deal with the joys and difficulties of daughterhood, adulthood, marriage, parenthood and simple existence beyond.

Roussin’s twelve stories capture moments of being between the real and the ideal, between vital existence and realms of the dead. Gently infusing the sensibility of her native Greece, she evokes with tenderness and anxiety what it has been to be a woman in transit through our contemporary epoch.

Published by Starhaven Press 2022


From as far back as I can remember, I tried to interpret the different worlds I lived in through writing, photography and painting. All these forms of expression pull at each other, blend with each other, and eventually create a personal and unique mental image. Like a single frame of a film selected out of innumerable choices, similar to the way memory freezes particular aspects from our many daily events. A world within a world. It is this fleeting world within, that I try to capture and solidify…the colours are the seductive element…the aim? freedom of imagination and stretching of limitations through an unknown journey…

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